Thousands of Pathfinders and church leaders of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Dominican Republic begin their march through the streets of Santo Domingo to commemorate the 69th anniversary of World Pathfinder Day on Sep. 21, 2019. Photo: Dominican Union

September 27, 2019 | Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic | Saiury Calcaño / IAD News Staff

Thousands of Seventh-day Adventists took to the streets of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, to commemorate the 69th anniversary of the World Pathfinder Day on Sep. 21, 2019.  More than 12,000 young people and church leaders wore their uniforms, scarfs and patches and held banners stating this year’s world church theme “Created with a Purpose.”

The massive group marched through the main streets and avenues distributing literature and the missionary book of the year “Hope for Today’s Families,” by Willie and Elaine Oliver.

“Our main objective was to let the Pathfinder ministry in the Dominican Republic be known,” said Pastor David Uribe, youth ministries director for the church in the Dominican Republic.  The gathering was the first of its kind on the island commemorating the world church’s Pathfinder Day, said Uribe. The Pathfinder ministry in the Dominican Republic was established 62 years ago.

More than 12,000 march through the streets to testify of the benefits of the pathfinder club and to distribute books and literature to businesses and onlookers. Photo: Dominican Union

“All these years [Pathfinder Clubs] have been restoring and strengthening the youth, molding their character, keeping them away from vices, bringing hope to society,” he said.  “Thousands of young people have been promoting the values our nation needs.”

Church leaders and administrators from across the central and southeast regions joined in the march and the large celebration that followed at the Palacio de los Deportes auditorium.  Musical performances and spiritual messages were part of the afternoon commemorative celebration.

With more than 159,000 young people across the island, which represents nearly half of the total membership in the Dominican Republic, church leaders strongly believe that “the young people who are well driven are the most important asset that any organization or institution has,” said Uribe.

A group sings during the end of the march celebration at the Palacio de los Deportes auditorium on Saturday afternoon, Sep. 21, 2019. Photo: Dominican Union

“We have a department exclusively for the young people because we love and believe in them and it is our purpose to guide each young persons to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ and to a life of service in the church and the community,” he said.

The Pathfinder Club is a church-centered spiritual-recreational-activity world-wide program designed for young people 10 to 15 years of age. The program was established in 1950 and it is filled with action, adventure, challenge, group activities, and provides opportunities for the development of new attitudes and skills that produce personal growth, team or community spirit and a sense of loyalty and respect for God, His Creation, and His church.

Pathfinders and leaders pose for a photo during the afternoon program. Photo: Dominican Union

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