Public Affairs and Religious Liberty

Elie Henry

President of the IRLA for Inter-America

Tomás Torres

Director of PARL for Inter-America & General Secretary of IRLA for Inter-America

Beny Paez

Professional Assistant

PARL is the Public Affairs and Religious Liberty Department for the Seventh-day Adventist worldwide church. It was recognized as a department of the world church in 1902.

PARL is like the foreign affairs ministry in a government or the external affairs department in many corporations. We work mainly with governments, internal organizations, and religious authorities. Our field of activity deals with human rights legislation, geo-politics, protocol, and government. The PARL Department could be, without too much exaggeration, called the “Foreign Affairs Ministry” of the church. We are the ones who build bridges, try to solve conflicts, improve legislation, defend those who are persecuted for their faith, and promote and protect religious freedom. In the last few years, we have developed our presence at the United Nations, the United States government, the Christian World Communions, and non-governmental organizations, and we have given strong support to the International Religious Liberty Association.

In these different areas, we build a global network of friends and experts belonging to different religions and beliefs, but sharing with us the most fundamental values of human rights and human dignity. Our department is the official voice and presence of our church in the global market. Being ambassadors of the church gives us the enormous privilege and responsibility to also be Ambassadors of the Kingdom of God in this world.