December 3, 2006, Miami, Florida, United States…[Libna Stevens/IAD]

Pastor Ramon H. Maury, a long time church administrator and top official for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Inter-America, died of an apparent respiratory arrest while in Mexico on Saturday, Dec. 2. He was 73.

“His legacy will always be with us, for he was part of the excellent team of workers who made the Inter-American Division what it is today,” said Pastor Israel Leito, president of the church in Inter-America. “His service to this church was as intense as he has lived and loved [the church].”

Pastor Leito said that Pastor Maury’s church and IAD family are broken with grief.

Pastor Maury, who retired late in late 2005 after serving the church for nearly 50 years, continued working actively for the church.

He was born October 19, 1933, in Colombia where he grew up. He studied Theology at Colombia Adventist University and obtained a master’s degree in business administration from Andrews University.

His years of service for the church began in 1957 where he became the treasurer and professor at Colombia Adventist University, later becoming president of that institution. He also pastored a church and served as treasurer and later president of the church in Colombia.

In 1980, Pastor Maury became the treasurer of the church in the Inter-American Division headquartered in Miami, Florida. He continued in that position for 20 years until becoming vice president of the Division in 2000. He remained in that position until retiring from full time service.

He is survived by his wife, Maria Eugenia, four children, and four grandchildren.

The funeral service will be held at Westchester Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Church, 9500 SW 16th Street, in Miami, Florida, Thursday, Dec. 7, at 7:00 p.m. Viewing is scheduled at the church at 5 p.m.

The Maury family has established a Ramon H. Maury Scholarship Fund to benefit needy students at Colombia Adventist University in Colombia. Donations to this fund may be sent through the Inter-American Division. For more information, please contact the Inter-American Division Office at 305.403.4700.

Flowers are welcomed at the Caballero Rivero Woodlawn Funeral Home, 8200 S.W. 40th Street Miami, FL 33155, Tel. 305.227.3344.

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