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Inter-America’s Bible Boom finalists will compete during this year’s finale in Havana, Cuba, on Sabbath, Dec. 7, 2013.

Finalists representing the Inter-American Division’s (IAD) 22 Seventh-day Adventist Church regions will test their knowledge of 10 books of the Bible, from Ephesians to Hebrews.

This year’s Bible Boom marks the 10th such territory-wide competition. It is also a historic one, as church leaders say they have seen thousands of young people grow spiritually as a result of it.

“It has been a dream to bring this youth ministries event to Cuba this quinquennium [five-year period],” said Pastor Benjamin Carballo, youth ministries director for the church in Inter-America. “We are so excited that this event will bring joy and inspiration of Bible reading to young finalists as well as youth across Cuba and are thankful to be part of this momentous event.”

Regional winners from 22 IAD church unions include:

Atlantic Caribbean Union: Patrick Brown
Belize Union: Leera Carr
Caribbean Union: Shannon Leacock
Central Mexican Union: Eliasib Mojica Jaimes
Chiapas Mexican Union: Natali Ortiz
Cuban Union: Amelia Garcia
Dominican Union: Leonel Salas
East Venezuela Union: Marlin Bandres
El Salvador Union: Diego Ramirez
French Antilles-Guiana Union: Josua Favel
Guatemala Union: Servio Perez
Haitian Union: Tisma Jempsy Juguerson
Honduras Union: Anayansi Soriano
Inter-Oceanic Mexican Union: Aura Kantun
Jamaica Union: Bryan O’Garth
North Colombia Union: Cristian Cardozo
North Mexican Union: Pedro Coronado
Puerto Rican Union: Johana Rodriguez
South Central American Union: Luis De Jesus Cruz
South Colombian Union: Mauricio Casallas
Southeast Mexican Union:Denis Ortiz
Venezuela-Antilles Union: Thairubys Contreras

Church members will gather to witness finalists answer a series of questions during the two-hour program. The event will not be carried online this year.

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