December 02, 2014 | Kampala, Uganda | Mwebaza Samuel/UUM/ANN

The president of the central African nation of Uganda commended Seventh-day Adventists for their honesty and integrity during a speech last month.

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni listens to the proceedings of an Adventist fundraising event in Kampala on November 22. Later, in a speech, he commended Adventists for their honesty and service in the central African nation. Image by courtesy UUM

Yoweri Kaguta Museveni called Adventists “honest,” during a speech to leaders and members at an Adventist center in the capital city of Kampala on November 22.

In his speech, Museveni also urged Adventists to continue their service to the nation. “Influence people by your example because you shall be known by your actions,” he said. “Let your light shine for others to see so they can praise to your Father in heaven.”

The president was invited by officials from the denomination’s Uganda Union Mission to join in launching a fundraising drive for a multipurpose Adventist Church Complex near the Union offices in Kampala.

The complex will be a nine-story multipurpose building with conference rooms, guest houses, office spaces, a book store, board rooms, church halls and other facilities.

John Kakembo, president of the Uganda Union, thanked the president for honoring the invitation to the Adventist Church and its representation in the country’s political cabinet through the appointment of four Church members, all of whom attended the ceremony.

Rose Namayanja, Minister for Information and National Guidance, thanked the president for granting Uganda citizens the right to worship. “Through the constitution, you granted us freedom of worship and elevated our rights,” she said, comparing his approach to previous administrations that banned many religions in the nation.

Kakembo also urged Museveni to support legislation that would make accommodation for students and employees requesting Saturdays off for religious observance.

This is the fourth time president Museveni has attended an Adventist Church function in Uganda.

There are more than 260,000 Adventists in Uganda.

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