April 27, 2021 | Caracas, Venezuela | Steven’s Rosado and Libna Stevens, Inter-American Division News

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in Venezuela is mourning the loss of Pablo Carreño, treasurer of the church in East Venezuela, who died from complications of the COVID-19 virus last week. Carreño passed away after being admitted to a clinic in Maracay, on Apr. 22, 2021. He was 45.

“Pablo left an indelible mark as treasurer in the East Venezuela Union,” said Pastor Jorge Atalido, president of the church in East Venezuela. “He was a modern Joseph when it came to finances, a model husband, always attentive to his wife and a great father.”

Pastor Josney Rodríguez, ministerial secretary for the church in Inter-America and former president of the East Venezuela Union, said he remembers Carreño as very empathetic, assertive, generous and humble who always strived for excellence even if it meant extra effort, money or time.  Carreño and Rodríguez worked closely together as union administrators for over eight years.

Pablo Carreño, treasurer of the East Venezuela Union, located in Caracas, Venezuela,  passed away on Apr. 22, 2021. [Photo: East Venezuela Union]

“Everyone loved him, and you could see God leading in his life,” said Rodríguez. “He was such a support to the union in some of the most difficult times you could live in.” Carreño was instrumental in establishing many institutions in East Venezuela, added Rodríguez. “His family, the church and friends are losing a great man of God, but his legacy will continue.”

Church leaders held two special online services on Apr. 24 and 25 to celebrate Carreño’s life and honor his memory. Administrators and leaders from across the Inter-American Division spoke about his life during the program.

“We are very sad to have lost a servant of God,” said Pastor Elie Henry, president of the church in Inter-America. “He was a member of our executive committee for many years and we will miss him dearly.  Pastor Henry said that church leaders in the Inter-American Division had been praying daily for Carreño’s health and full recovery. “Even though we do not understand how God works, we continue trusting in Him for God is in control and Jesus is coming soon,” he said.

“These are the moments that cause us to reflect on how important it is for us and our families to be spiritually prepared,” said Pastor Luis Paredes, ministerial secretary for the church in East Venezuela. “We should move forward trusting that God goes before this ship that hopes to reach the port of the heavenly kingdom.”

Pablo Carreño was born in Venezuela and began his church service as an accountant in the West Central Venezuela Conference. In his more than 26 years of service he worked as manager of a food company, accountant and assistant treasurer at the Venezuela Adventist Hospital in Barquisimeto, treasurer at the West Venezuela Union before serving as treasurer of the East Venezuela Union where he served for more than 11 years before his passing.

Pablo Carreño is survived by his wife Nairim, son Oscar and daughter Carol.

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