October 15, 2021 | Montemorelos, Nuevo Leon, Mexico | Laura Marrero and Inter-American Division News

Montemorelos University leaders recently signed an agreement with government leaders of the General Terán Municipal district in the State of Nuevo Leon, in a joint collaboration to provide health and wellbeing to needy communities. It is the first time that the university has partnered with the General Terán district and the third such partnership within the municipalities near campus, university leaders said.

The agreement states that different community impact programs will be established by the government and the university annually from 2021-2024, which will bring about collaboration of human resources, materials, finances, knowledge, technical and academic resources respectively, said Roel Cea, M.D., director of the Health Promoting University entity based in Montemorelos University, Mexico.

President of the General Terán Municipal District in Nuevo León, Mexico ,Jonathan Sánchez Quintanilla (left) signs memorandum of agreement next to President of Montemorelos University Ismael Castillo (right) during a meeting on Oct. 5, 2021. [Photo by Montemorelos University]

“With this agreement, Montemorelos University will be able to develop a plan for the entire municipal district as an administrative unit for liaison with the government, responsible for decision-making, problem solving, planning, development, coordination and project management with designated projects,” said Dr. Cea. The focus will be on offering integral health as well as mental health support as well.

The projects to be carried out will be focused on sustainable development goals with very special emphasis on health promotion, said Cea.

General Terán Municipal District President Jonathan Sánchez Quintanilla spoke during the signing agreement. He thanked university leaders for their valuable efforts to partner in helping a population of more than 14,000 people within the region.

“We want to work hand-in-hand to be part of this team to change the health system, not only for this period but I hope this teamwork lasts a lifetime,” said Sánchez.

L-R: University leaders Dr. Nahum García (left), Jonathan Sánchez of the General Terán Municipality, Dr. Ismael Castillo, Dr. Daniel Alvarez and Dr. Roel Cea, pose for a group photo after the signing of the agreement. [Photo: Montemorelos University]

Before the agreement signing of Oct. 5, 2021, Dr. Ismael Castillo, president of Montemorelos Univeristy said: “The importance of health is fundamental for the well-being of populations in the community and we are very grateful to the [municipal] region because we have been able to develop a mission and work with the government authorities, and believe that the time has come to work with such leaders to help improve the health of the people.”

For years, Montemorelos University, with its professionals and students, has been providing assistance to communities in the Allende and Montemorelos municipalities similarly. The university recently renewed agreements to span the next few years until 2024 with the Allende and Montemorelos municipalities.

The university will work with community projects that will include their impact interventions to eliminate preventable blindless, cavities, and diabetes, as well as initiatives to offer mental health for families, help young people with addictions, as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle through the church’s I Want to Live Healthy initiative, and more.

In addition to supporting many communities, the activities developed from these agreements provide information that can be part of significant scientific contributions, which in the long run will benefit more communities such as General Terán, Cea added.

Johnathan Sánchez, president of the General Terán Municipal District and Dr Ismael Castillo, president of Montemorelos University shake hands with signed agreements. [Photo: Montemorelos University]

Montemorelos University is an institution in Montemorelos, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, and is operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Inter-America.

To learn more about Montemorelos University’s initiatives and undergraduate and graduate programs, visit um.edu.mx

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