June 16, 2022 | Miami, Florida, United States | Libna Stevens, Inter-American Division News

The Seventh-day Adventist Church throughout Mexico is preparing for an online national evangelistic campaign that promises to conclude the nine-month-long efforts of

spreading the gospel throughout its five major church regions or unions. The seven-day campaign is set to take place June 19-25, 2022, from the Julio Glocker Lozada Auditorium in Puebla, Mexico, and will be streamed on Hope Channel Inter-America’s social media platforms.

Themed “Ultimate Hope” (or Esperanza Definitiva), the evangelism campaign will feature Pastor Edgar Benitez of Central Mexico as the keynote speaker who will encourage viewers to find hope in Jesus in the midst of crises, uncertainty, loss, depression, disillusionment and anxiety. The one-hour evening series beginning at 7:30 p.m. Central Mexico Time or 8:30 p.m. Miami Time.

“This year we are planning to have a hybrid set up with a group viewing the program in person and the rest connecting online,” said Pastor Abraham Sandoval, president of the church in the Inter-Oceanic Mexican Union, in Puebla, where the church is hosting this year.  Some 300 persons are expected to view the program live in person, he said.

Last year, the leadership of the five unions decided to hold a second national evangelistic campaign as part of a larger strategy to unify efforts, resources and strengthen their collaboration in reaching not only each regional territory but move together to reach more people online through the work of pastors, laypersons, church elders, department heads, missionary couples and small group leaders, he said.

Pastor Edgar Benitez will be the keynote speaker during the church’s national online evangelistic campaign, June 18-25, 2022.[Image: adventistasmexico.org]

“In the Inter-Oceanic Mexican Union there are more than 10,000 small groups that have been holding neighborhood campaigns, many public campaigns and these have yielded more than 7,400 baptisms so far since January,” said Sandoval.

It’s been the same across the rest of the four unions in Mexico, he said. The campaign is one that comes on the heels of comprehensive evangelism efforts and outreach activities that have taken place throughout the 42 conferences and missions since October of 2021. In April, there was a massive distribution of the missionary book of the year “Final Hope” by Clifford Goldstein. “That distribution of the books by our church members pointed to this campaign we are about to start.”

Leaders are expecting thousands of new believers who have been studying the Bible for months to make the decision to follow Jesus and join the church, church leaders said.

“Our church members have been so happy and committed to spreading the gospel with greater fervor to fulfill the mission,” said Sandoval. All churches that are able will stream the series. It will be available to view on social media and areas with internet challenges, recorded messages have been prepared so that “every far corner of the territory can get to hear the spiritual message of the day every evening,” he said. In addition, intercessory prayers and social media ministries will be on-going through the campaign as well as health talk segments will be held every day during the evangelistic campaign.

The series becomes the fifth regional evangelistic campaign to take place this year throughout the Inter-American Division, as the division territory is celebrating its 100-year anniversary.

“It’s very exciting to see how the church leadership and membership have mobilized for months, collaborating together for greater impact,” said Pastor Balvin Braham, vice president in charge of overseeing evangelism for the church in Inter-America. Braham applauds the church in Mexico for coming together to advance the mission at a wider level.

“This [collaboration] sends a message to local churches and fields that we belong together and we are able to achieve more united than when we are individually focusing on our own territory.”

Reports of more than 20,000 members added to the church have come in from the five unions, according to Braham. “We know many more thousands will answer the call to become a disciple of Christ as the online campaign begins.”

To register and to find out more about the evangelistic series, visit esperanzadefinitiva.com

To watch it online visit Hope Channel Inter-America:

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