Inter-American Division church administrators Ivelisse Herrera (left) treasurer, Pastor Elie Henry (center) president, and Pastor Leonard Johnson, executive secretary listen in on Institutional board meetings held online in Miami, Florida, United States,  on Apr. 27, 2023. [Photo: Wilmer Barboza/IAD]                                                   

April 30, 2023 | Miami, Florida, United States | Libna Stevens, Inter-American Division News

A handful of institutional boards overseen by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Inter-American Division (IAD) began reporting to its members on finances, goals met and plans for the upcoming year during a recent online meeting on Apr. 27, 2023. Board members were briefed on updates from GEMA Editors, Inter-American Health Food Company, Seventh-day Adventist Church in Mexico R.A., and the Adventist Healthcare Services Inter-American Boards.

GEMA Editors

Members of the GEMA Editors Board were briefed on production resources, finances, editorial projects, and office details. GEMA Editors, based in Mexico, is one of two publishing houses serving in the Inter-American Division.

GEMA Editors had a banner in sales in 2022 as well as a 100 percent increase in social media followers since 2021, reported Jonatan Diaz Ponce, vice president of production and media for GEMA Editors[Photo: IAD Screenshot]

“Sales were very important and superior to 2021 when compared month to month with 2022,” said Jonatan David Ponce, vice president of production and media. In fact, 2022 was a banner year in sales compared to the last three years, he said. “It was not as high as 2019 but it increased significantly since 2020.”

Ponce also reported in his social media report that there was an increase of 100 percent on their social media platforms from over 124,000 persons following in 2021 to more than 227,000 in 2022, and it is increasing for 2023.

Board members were also updated on the sales in 2022 from the 45 bookstores across Mexico in comparison with sales in 2021, including the newest bookstore in Tuxtla Gutierrez in Chiapas, which reported the most sales in the country, said Rogelio Morales, director of GEMA bookstores.  “We continue to strive to provide books and resources to keep the church knowledgeable about the Word of God with a diversity in subjects as much as possible,” he said.

Vice President of Finance for GEMA Editors Fernando Quiróz reports on the increase in sales at church store levels across Mexico as part of his financial report of 2022 to the board. [Image: IAD Screenshot]

Morales said that leaders are planning for bookstores to see a 30 percent growth.

GEMA leaders also reported on books purchased by literature evangelists across Mexico and publications for this year including 17 new books published.

IAD President Pastor Elie Henry praised the report from GEMA Editors. “It’s great to see how publications in Mexico continue to be a blessing for the church and how impressive is the work of literature evangelists in the fulfillment of the mission,” Pastor Henry said.

Board members were briefed on the most recent auditing report and voted the financial report for 2022.

IAD Administrators listen in during four of the church’s institutional boards on Apr. 27, 2023. [Photo: Wilmer Barbosa/IAD]

Seventh-day Adventist church in Mexico R.A.

In its board meeting, the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Mexico R.A. Board, which is a registered entity acknowledged by the Mexican government including the five unions in the country, leaders reported evangelism activities and fiscal requirements and expenses incurred during 2022.

Board members were briefed on the finances, behavior of tithes and offerings, and the latest auditing report as well as policy adjustments. In addition, board members discussed details of the upcoming national evangelism campaign in June and other evangelism events for 2023.

Inter-American Health Food Company (IAHFC)

Inter-American Health Food Company (IAHFC) Director Jose Flóres began his report to board members by thanking God for his goodness and blessings.  The Food Company saw 13 million kilos produced across its 11 food companies and branches, an increase in sales and even a net income at the end 2022.

Inter-American Health Food Company Director José Flóres addresses the board during his financial report online of 2022 on Apr. 27, 2023. [Image: IAD Screenshot]

“We saw a wonderful year for the food company,” said Flóres. “When we talk about recovery, in a year where many businesses fell or closed, the Lord had the vision to sustain this institution to continue preaching the gospel and provide resources for the church.”

During the last five years, 2022 has seen the largest in sales, he reported. IAHFC continues to pay 10 percent in tithes, contribute 20 percent of its net income toward education, and 5.5 percent in the construction of churches as well as 4.5 percent for a development fund.

“The numbers we are seeing is the result of a committed leadership to the mission of the church and I have personally seen that clear vision,” said Ivelisse Herrera, treasurer of the IAD. There are very extensive challenges, but all working toward joined efforts. “I can see the unity among the factories and branches to continue to collaborate in expanding the mission,” he said.

Dr. Franck Géneus, president of the Adventist Healthcare Services in Inter-America health ministries director of the IAD,  shares the vision adopted throughout hospitals in the territory. [Image: IAD Screenshot]

Adventist Healthcare Services Inter-America (AHSIA)

AHSIA Board members were reminded of the purpose and mission of healthcare institutions in carrying out a comprehensive health ministry to the community it serves.  Dr. Franck Géneus, M.D., AHSIA president and health ministries director, reaffirmed that the healthcare system continues to provide quality and accessible care to the community.  “We need to have performance-based development support, adopt an efficient system of self-governance, and ensure we foster a partnership with the church and community, as well as provide quality improvement and patient safety,” said Géneus.

Dr. Géneus also updated the group on the most important achievement in implementing technology integration through the development of the DREAM health application. “The DREAM health app is a tool to create bridges and connections between health institutions and churches, and assist hospitals in strengthening their capacity to connect with the community.  “The application is fully powered with functionalities such as patient education, health coaching, and healthy habits trackers, to be released in the next four to six weeks,” Dr. Géneus said.

The new DREAM Health App will assist hospitals in connecting with its community better, among other features. The health app will be available in June 2023. [Image: IAD Screenshot]

Board members voted the financial report for 2022.

Other IAD institutions will hold their board meetings this week during the church’s Executive Committee meetings.

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