July - August 2022


Centennial Gospel Caravan

About the event


To model Christ’s method of mingling with people 1n the communities

  • To impact the residents of at least 100 new areas within the territory of Inter-America with the social dimension of the gospel
  • To engage members of the Church in addressing targeted social needs of residents in these unentered territories of the Division
  • To present a positive image of the Seventh-day Adventist Church to residents of these communities
  • To reinforce the ministries that pioneered Adventism in the IAD territory • Some Suggested Activities for each location • Health expos – screen patients • Health lectures • Children in uniform from SDA schools engaging in activities • Gospel concert (school children could do this) • University students engaging in activities or providing services based on their areas of training • Distribution of Adventist publications • Relevant community projects; example – beautifications, building renovations etc. • lntellipaper (technology) • Prayer walks (praying for people in their homes or business places, etc. • Counsel students in the schools and make presentations to them on relevant topics • Visit homes of children and elderly (if applicable).




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