August 2021


End It Now Day 2021

By Women’s Ministries

About the event

End It Now

Seventh-day Adventists say NO To Violence on the special emphasis day coined as #EndItNow.

Why do you need a special day for this?

Because there is still domestic violence, including in Christian families.
Because there are so many more who still do not understand the message of NO TO VIOLENCE.
Because we need more persons with the right tools to help those who are in danger.

Save the date: August 28
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We need for more people to understand that masculinity is a great gift from God. It is not related to control or power but has to do with protection and abundant love.
It’s time to put an end to the notion that the Bible encourages the use of force on women and children. #EndItNow


For our children to grow in wisdom, in love, in intelligence, in social skills and abilities like Jesus did, they must enjoy an adequate environment, full of love.
We talk about violence against women but many mothers still have a lot of learn about psychological, emotional, and even physical abuse toward their children.
It’s time to love more, to learn, and to train children to grow in love. #EndItNow


Against the setting of the #EndItNow Day (No more violence; do not stay silent), let me remind you that if you are suffering abuse, you can leave that situation. You deserve a better life but to achieve this you need to ask for help.
We want to say it once more: If you are going through abuse or violence, no matter if you are a woman or a man, we want you to know that there is a solution, a solution that you along can find.#Don’tStaySilent #EndItNow



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