August 2021


Children and Adolescents Ministries Day

By Children and Adolescents Ministries

About the event

Dear esteemed leaders of the Children’s Division, Children and Youth day is meant to place emphasis on the role that thisministry serves in educating the newer generations. Therefore, it is expected that not only the sermon be preached, but that through various ways, the activities that are carried out within this day may favor this ministry. It is also a day to thank and recognize the altruistic work that each volunteer and teacher exercises in the children’s divisions; but it is also a day to challenge the church and push for improvements in the care of our children, e.g. Increase the budget, choose teachers more carefully, improve the facilities where children and adolescents are cared for, promote programs where children and adolescents have greater participation, etc.

Prayerfully look for a way to make this day very meaningful and intentional, executing very clear objectives. Use the resources at your fingertips, take advantage of the gifts and talents of your teachers and show the church that our children and adolescents are an invaluable jewel, that each one can contribute to shine in all their splendor, to the glory of our God. I send you warm wishes from a distance with gratitude for the selfless ministry you all participate in on behalf of each child and adolescent.

Mtra. E. Edith Ruiz de Espinoza

Director of the Ministry of Children and Adolescents



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