Module I: The Deaconess: A woman called by God.

Objective: To recognize that deaconesses have been called by God for holy service and with the calling provides the training for the fulfillment of their mission.

  1. The Deaconess a woman called by God
  2. Phoebe a model deaconess
  3. The spiritual life of a deaconess
  4. Qualities of an exemplary deaconess
  5. Deaconess a woman called to serve

Module II: Deacons and Deaconesses. Role in the ministry

           Objective: To recognize that as part of a team they have a responsibility to promote harmony in the church by utilizing the gifts and talents God has given them by using them wisely in caring for the congregation.

  1. Qualification for the office
  2. Deacons and Deaconesses partners in ministry
  3. The ministry of Deacons and Deaconesses
  4. Deaconesses Responsibilities
  5. The spiritual dimensions and Growth

Module III: Deaconesses’ Responsibilities

 Objective: To train the deaconesses in the different aspects of service in their ministry: Care of the house of God, care of the flock, service, and hospitality, preparing the ceremonies, etc.

  1. Deaconesses’ generalities
  2. Reverence in the house of God
  3. Caring for the house of God
  4. Attention and care for the people of God
  5. Hospitality at the home of God
  6. The character of a Deaconesses follower of Jesus
  7. Deaconesses Fidelity
  8. Service and good deeds
  9. Deaconess proper attire
  10. Preparing ceremonies in the house of God

Module IV: Principles for a Good Marriage Relationship

 Objective: To provide each deaconess with effective tools in the practical management of caring relationships and clear communication in the home. The purpose of this objective is that they can apply them at home and help other families in the community.

  1. Four ways to kill love
  2. How to know if what I feel is love…?
  3. The wife that a husband wants
  4. Principles for a healthy communication with my spouse
  5. How to strengthen the self-esteem in adolescents

Module V: Receiving, Caring, and Preserving like Jesus

Objective: To share some ideas to attend the church considering the existing restrictions due to the pandemic. Encourage young people to participate in this new way of ministering.

  1. Greeting and caring as a Deacon and Deaconess
  2. Greeting and caring in times of social distance
  3. Let no one despise your youth
  4. Greeting and caring as…Jesus
  5. Greeting caring and preserving