Module I: Roles of the pastor’s wife.

Objective: To provide tools for the development of the pastor’s wife in the different roles she plays.

  1. The pastor’s wife with herself.
  2. The pastor’s wife and forgiveness.
  3. The pastor’s wife and spiritual disciplines.
  4. The pastor’s wife and her call to ministry.
  5. The pastor’s wife and her leadership.

Module II: The Ministerial Family.

Objective: To promote the search for intelligent ministerial marriages where the fear of God, love, and commitment to their spouse will help them to maintain lasting and happy marriages.

  1. The stages of marriage.
  2. Marriage ethics.
  3. Sexuality in marriage.
  4. Conflict management.
  5. Children’s education.
  6. The ministerial family and its influence.
  7. Situations the Ministerial family faces.

Module III: The pastor’s wife and her relationships.

Objective: To encourage pastors’ wives to seek God’s help in the work of molding a Christ-like character that will enable them to maintain successful interpersonal relationships.

  1. The pastor’s wife understanding his personality.
  2. The pastor’s wife and her relations with her family.
  3. The pastor’s wife and her relationships with colleagues and friends.
  4. The pastor’s wife and her relationship with her husband’s friends.
  5. The pastor’s wife and her relationships with the friends of her children.
  6. The pastor’s wife and her relationships with the women in the church.
  7. The pastor’s wife and her relationships with the opposite sex.

Module IV: Family relationships and effective communication.

Objective: To provide each pastor’s wife with effective tools in the practical management of caring relationships and clear communication in the home.

  1. How to develop caring relationships.
  2. Effective communication.
  3. Diagnosis of your relationships.
  4. Why we can’t get along.
  5. Common traps.

Module V: Parents, a model profession.

Objective: to share some useful ideas for educating the pastoral family. One method is modeling. Parents cannot avoid the task of being models for their children.

  1. The pastoral family a winning team.
  2. Sow a good seed.
  3. Model profession.
  4. Spiritual Life.
  5. Spiritually healthy.

Module VI: Health, a matter of us. 

Objective: To identify prevalent diseases in women, their risk factors and promote preventive behaviors.

  1. Health a matter of us.
  2. Cardiovascular health.
  3. Mental health.
  4. Reproductive health.
  5. Nutrition and prevention.

Module VII: The joy and challenges of the leader and his family. 

Jonás and Raquel Arráis.

Objective: To present clearly and in a practical way, how to exercise joyful leadership in the Christian community and how to overcome all vicissitudes hand in hand with God and our family.

  1. Forming the ministerial team.
  2. We can work together.
  3. She wants to marry a pastor.
  4. The role of the pastor’s wife.
  5. The shepherd’s challenges.
  6. The pastor’s wife – her challenges.
  7. Marriage and the family.
  8. Pastors’ Kids.
  9. The sad side of the ministry.
  10. Stages in pastoral ministry.
  11. Motivation for Ministry.

Module VIII: Recreating the ministerial couple.

Objective: To establish the necessary ingredients for a healthy long-term marriage. Developing capabilities to reconnect and recreate in the process.

  1. The wife a husband desire.
  2. How to know if what I feel is love.
  3. Four ways to kill love.
  4. Principles for healthy communication with my spouse.
  5. Challenges for the Ministerial couple.
  6. How to recreate the Ministerial couple.