December 10, 2011 – San Juan, Puerto Rico…Libna Stevens/IAD

Waylon Johnson of the Atlantic Caribbean church region was grand prize winner in today’s competition of Inter-America’s annual youth Bible Bowl. Johnson had a total score of 165 and becomes the first English-speaking participant to win the competition since the Bible event began eight years ago throughout Inter-America.

Esther Alvarado of the North Mexican church region took the second place with 165 points and six seconds behind. Job Magdiel Gonzalez of the Central Mexican church region took the third place spot with a score of 160.

All 14 finalists traveled to San Juan, Puerto Rico this year to answer questions on the Books of Luke and Acts of the Apostles in front of a live audience who witnessed the live two-hour event. The event was streamed live over the internet earlier today.

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Image by Image by ANN. Libna Stevens/IAD

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