December 2, 2011 – Basseterre, St. Kitts…SKNVibes/IAD Staff

Hundreds of Seventh-day Adventists in St. Kitts rallied to celebrate the end of two years of community outreach activities throughout the Caribbean island. The event took place during a special gathering held on the grounds of the St. Kitts Seventh-day Adventist Primary School on Nov. 25-26, 2011.

The event, coined as “Adventist on the Move”, was focused on highlighting the individual work of different Adventist congregations around the island with initiatives including radio programs, food drives, repainting of a local hospital and youth clean-up activities, among others.

“While many may say that the society is going down into the abyss, I believe that once we do what God has mandated us to do we could effect positive change in our communities,” said Pastor Sherwin A.E. White, district pastor and coordinator of the rally. “Guns will not change the society, the only thing that can change the society is Jesus and this is what we wanted to present,” he added as he addressed hundreds of church members gathered under a large tent.

Pastor Kay white, District #2 pastor in St. Kitts, also encouraged church members to allow God to empower them to go out in the dark society and become channels of light.

Adventists also marched through the streets of the capital city of Basseterre to proclaim the good news of Jesus while singing and shouting positive lifestyle slogans. Children and young people joined leaders and members as they passed out more than 1,200 tracts to onlookers.

“It is good to see religious groups standing up for God,” stated a spectator. “The message of hope needs to be told over and over again and I enjoyed the service.”

Pastor White said the community will be able to look for more Adventist visibility.

“We are going to be on every street corner, and in every community. We are going to be doing health programs, social programs and spiritual programs,” said White. “The community will hear more about our school, our Dental Clinic, our Health and Book Center. We are going to take St. Kitts for Jesus.”

Church members gathered at Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park on Nov. 27 to fellowship with others from throughout the island. Organizers are already planning for an island-wide rally in 2013.

One of the Leeward Islands in the Lesser Antilles, St. Kitts is home to nearly 1,700 Seventh-day Adventists worshiping in eight churches and congregations.

Image by Image by ANN. Courtesy of SKNVibes
Image by Image by ANN Courtesy of SKNVibes

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