Jempsy Tisma (center) of the Haitian Union holds winning trophy briefly after winning this year’s Inter-American Bible Boom competition held in La Vibora Adventist Church in Havana, Cuba, Dec. 7, 2013.  He is joined by second place winner Luis De Jesus Cruz (left) of the South Central American Union and third place winner Anayansi Soriano of the Honduras Union along with youth ministries directors from the mentioned church territories. Image by Libna Stevens/IAD

December 7, 2013 – Havana, Cuba….Libna Stevens/IAD

Jempsy Tisma of the Haitian church region grabbed the top Bible Boom title during Inter-America’s annual territory-wide Bible competition held today Dec. 7, 2013 in Havana, Cuba. Tisma ended with a score of 385 beating 19 other regional finalists during this year’s 10th such annual event held across the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Inter-America.

Luis De Jesus Cruz of the South Central American church region took the second spot with 380 points. Anayansi Soriano of the Honduras Union trailed behind with just 375 for the third spot.

All 20 finalists traveled to Cuba to answer 50 questions on the Books of Ephesians through Hebrews in front of a 2,000 packed La Vibora Adventist Church during the three-hour event.

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Image provided by Juan Carlos Niño


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