Six-year-old Dakarai Williams (holding the microphone) shares his testimony to thousands of people during the Inter-American Division initiative, Lord Transform Me, held at the Montego Bay Convention Center in Jamaica on February 9, 2019. Photo courtesy of theEast Jamaica Conference

February 14, 2019 | Montego Bay, Jamaica | Dyhann Buddoo-Fletcher/IAD

His voice, was as clear as crystal, but it was what six-year-old Dakarai Williams said that held thousands of worshipers in rapt attention at the Lord Transform Me Convention held at the Montego Bay Convention Center in Jamaica on Feb. 9, 2019.

“Two years ago l was asked to be baptized but l said, I cannot get baptize and go to heaven leaving my mother behind to go to hell,” said Dakarai. “It touched my mom’s heart. She must have seen how sad l looked.  But Guess what!” asked Dakarai and, instantaneously came the response from the congregation, “What?”  With excitement in his voice Dakarai said, “My mom gave her heart to Jesus!”

Dakarai’s personal testimony stirred a chorus of amen from the congregation and also included were the Adventist world church leaders and its President Pastor Ted N.C. Wilson and his wife Nancy. The entire day’s program was carried live on the internet and aired on the Adventist-run NCU radio station.

Mary Meeks, Dakarai’s mom, later informed that it all began while he was attending the Trench Town Adventist church school and he was invited to witness his teacher’s baptism at the Greenwich Town Adventist Church in Kingston.  After the service, Theresa Wint another teacher, asked Dakarai if he wanted to be baptized too.  “No,” he said with a hesitant, thought provoking look.  Wint persisted, “but why”?  What came next from the little four year-old’s mouth shocked her. “I cannot get baptized, because I don’t want to go heaven and leave my mother to go to hell.”

When Mary heard what her son said, she was stunned, “I didn’t know that Dakarai was thinking like that.  My heart melted and I explained to him that I couldn’t get baptize right now.” She also had to discuss with him on the appropriate age for his baptism. “He was too young, so, we decided that he would wait until he was seven years-old.”

Seven-year-old Jah-Vinchi holds the hand of Pastor Owen Thomas in readiness for his baptism at the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Trench Town, Kingston, Jamaica on February 9, 2019. Photo courtesy of  the East Jamaica Conference

That night, Mary confessed that she was overwhelmed and cried. “I had no plans for baptism. I was a regular partygoer and I enjoyed the sporting events that were kept on Sabbath. So, this discussion with my son about baptism really hit me.”

Not long after, during one of Mary’s visit to the Trench Town Adventist Church, she responded to an altar call. She signed up a visitation card and the Bible workers were persistent. “I told them, your time and pastor’s time are not my time and God’s timing.”

One month later, on Dec. 24, 2017, Mary said she felt impressed that it was time. She was already attending the Trench Town Adventist Church evangelistic campaign and in the second week she made her decision to be baptized. “I packed my bag and went to church. I didn’t tell Dakarai what my plans were, but he was smart. He figured it out.”

Mary said Dakarai was very excited. “But, I had to remind him that he promised to wait until he is seven to get baptize. His birthday will be on March 31, 2019.”

While Dakarai waits, he has been busy.  Not only is he responsible for one baptism, but three.

Lerline James, the former principal of the Trench Town Adventist Church Basic School said that Dakarai would tell his friends about Jesus.  “He had one special friend, Jah-Vinchi Carty, they were close and Dakarai would read to him the same Bible stories that his mother taught him. He also invited Jah-Vinchi to Sabbath School and I would take him.”

From L-R: Dresean Tape, Dakarai Williams and Jah-Vinchi Carty holding their farming tools after winning second place with the poem “Banana Man” in junior division of the Jamaica Cultural Commission Arts Competition held in Kingston Jamaica last year. All three boys were students at the Seventh-day Adventist Basic School and Trench Town, Kingston, Jamaica. Photo courtesy of the East Jamaica Conference

During the Lord Transform Me celebration on Feb. 9, Jah-Vinchi at age seven was baptized at the Trench Town Adventist Church. His other friend, Dresean Tape was baptized last year.

“I am glad that my friends have given their hearts to Jesus and very soon I will be doing the same,” said a very confident Dakarai.

Currently, Williams is attending the Kingsway Preparatory School and is in grade one informed Dr. Donna Brown, education director at East Jamaica Conference (EJC). “He was awarded a six-year scholarship courtesy of the EJC Conference wide development fund. Dakarai remains quite active and is a real motivator to his peers.”

Dakarai’s achievements include winning the East Jamaica Conference Bible Speller-ton at age four, second place winner at age five and first place winner at age six.  He is also the youngest member of the Junior Adventist Lay Persons and Industries (ASI) and he is preacher of righteousness. Currently, he is also actively involved in the Trench Town Adventist Church Adventurer’s club.

“I am truly inspired by young Dakarai” said Pastor Eric Nathan, president of East Jamaica Conference. “What he has done through the Spirit of the Living God in influencing three persons for the Kingdom, is worthy of admiration and commendation.”

Nathan applauded Dakari’s mother for doing a fantastic job at training her son in service to God and man. He also commended the church family that has been directly reaching the community members in the inner city of Trench Town.  “Dakarai and his friends will be three less gunmen on our streets and I am happy for this,” he said.

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