September 9, 2022 | Miami, Florida, United States | Libna Stevens, Inter-American Division

Youth ministries leaders from throughout the Inter-American Division (IAD) recently met to finalize logistics at the campsite where more than 14,000 young people are expected to gather for Inter-America’s 5th Pathfinder Camporee in Montego Bay, Jamaica, Apr. 4-8, 2023.

Youth leaders and organizers toured and studied the 120-acre Trelawny multi-purpose facility Aug. 30-31, to set campgrounds for each of the 24 unions which will be represented during the five-day event.

“We were able to study and move forward with various aspects of the main logistics to make sure our pathfinders and their groups will have the best experience in Jamaica spiritually, physically and socially,” said Pastor Al Powell, youth ministries director for the church in Inter-America and main organizer of the event. “Our youth leaders were able to walk through all the facility, see what specific needs their delegations have, define details of the daily programs, and honor classes and activities that will make the camporee a memorable occasion to so many thousands of young people.”

Pastor Al Powell (right), IAD youth ministries director points to a spot where there are more camping grounds for campers  during a tour of the area.[Photo: Abel Márquez/IAD]

Speakers are lined up, regional and local committees are lined up, touring activities lined up and the total number of delegates has increased, said Powell.

The original number of attendees had been previously determined at 11,000 but after crunching numbers and checking with financial officers, numbers are now past 14,000 for the camporee, said Powell.

Leading with the largest delegation is Jamaica with more than 8,000 pathfinders and leaders scheduled to descend onto Montego Bay. The Caribbean Union follows with a delegation of 1,100, Panama with 406, North Mexico, Atlantic Caribbean, and Dutch Caribbean with 400 delegates each, French Antilles Guiana with 370, followed by Haiti with 350 and Guatemala with 320.

“There was one union that had to reserve another plane to bring more pathfinders to the camporee so we are excited to gather as many pathfinders as far as possible for such an important and life-changing event such as this,” said Powell.

Part of the arena that will gather more than 14,000 pathfinders every evening for special program. [Photo: Abel Márquez/IAD]

With only seven months left before the camping event, youth ministries leaders will engage in finalizing and arranging for everything that their delegations will need, promote camporee details through social media platforms and handle any changes that may come, said Powell.

“The team is ready, committed and focused on the mission and vision of the camporee and we will continue with a few more on-site meetings as the weeks and months go by,” said Powell.

Themed “Pathfinders in Mission, the camporee will draw spiritual lessons from Gideon and his call from the Book of Judges, to motivate pathfinders and their leaders to grow in the faith of Christ and the fulfillment of His mission. “This is an important event that will prepare them on their formation, as they prepare with more skills to become effective leaders, missionaries, evangelists and well-rounded Christians for God’s service.

Youth leaders go over logistics and delegation numbers during the meeting of Aug. 30, 2022, in Montego Bay, Jamaica. [Photo: Abel Márquez/IAD]

The camporee will feature a bible bowl (or bible connection) on the Book of Judges, honor classes focused on mission, sports activities, drills, spiritual counseling for those who want to be baptized, mental and emotional counseling, community impact and more.

“We know that there’s nothing like being part of a camporee in Inter-America with all of our beautiful cultures and languages all blending in to grow together and become better witnesses for Christ,” said Powell.

The main goal is to impact young people and motivate them to put God first above all of their choices, said Powell. “We want to strengthen their commitment to God, commitment to the church and commitment to serving others at this crucial time in their lives.”

Pathfinders will have time for fun activities, time to reflect and time to focus on what they want to become while committing to God, Powell said.

Group photo of IAD and union youth ministries leaders during the meeting  of Aug. 30-31, 2022. [Photo: Abel Márquez/IAD]

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In order to register properly, individuals must receive an attendee PIN code from their respective union office before registering at

Hashtags for the event in English, Spanish and French include:

#CampDIA23 | #ConquistadoresEnMisión

#IADCamporee | #PathfindersInMission

#CampDIA23 | #ElcaireursEnMission

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