More than 400 persons filled the Casa del Artista Theater in Caracas, Venezuela, for the church’s Second Film Festival hosted by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the East Venezuela Union, Aug. 26, 2023. [Photo: East Venezuela Union]

September 6, 2023 | Caracas, Venezuela | Stevens’ Rosado and Libna Stevens, Inter-American Division News

For the second consecutive year, the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the East Venezuela Union celebrated a film festival which featured over a dozen short films at the Casa del Artista in Caracas, on Aug. 26, 2023. More than 400 people gathered to view the films, which fell under the drama, videoclip and documentary categories.

The film festival, coined as UVO Films 2023, saw 23 entries where 14 production teams from different parts of the eastern region showcased their films under the theme: “Fundamental Beliefs in the Bible,” organizers said.

The film festival this year featured 17 productions submitted for this year’s event. [Photo: East Venezuela Union]

Abel Márquez, executive producer for Hope Channel Inter-America, congratulated church leaders and organizers in the East Venezuela Union for holding the only film festival of such a large scope across the Inter-American Division. In his keynote address, Márquez, who also serves as communication director of the Inter-American Division, said: “In the midst of the 21st century, the methods of traditional evangelism–door to door canvassing, campaigns– are still valid, but perhaps a person who could not be reached by an evangelistic campaign could see some of our audiovisual productions.” The call is for everyone to do their part, said Márquez. “We are called to tell the world that Jesus is coming soon.”

The day before the festival, a special training and spiritual session was held for media producers, where Márquez emphasized that God appreciates the invisible and eternal more than the visible and passing. He encouraged them to put their passion to work in fulfilling the mission of sharing the gospel in the various effective forms available at their fingertips. “The church has invested extensive funds so that we can produce art, television, films and radio to testify to others that God does exist,” said Márquez.

Abel Márquez, executive director of Hope Channel Inter-America and communication director of the Inter-American Division congratulates organizers and participants for being the union to hold the first film festival  across the division territory.[Photo: East Venezuela Union]

After the films were showcased, winners of this year’s UVO Films 2023 were announced, including: “Seconds,” from the VM Ministries as the winner of the best drama about a young person who decided to leave God; “Everything Belongs to Him,” by the Redención musical group, as the winner of the best videoclip on Christian stewardship; and “Returning to God” by the South Venezuela Mission as the best documentary based on faithful stewards who have seen miracles in their lives.

“Move others to learn about Jesus in the times that we are living today is our objective for making films,” said Jorge André Diaz, production assistant for Hope Channel Inter-America and screenwriting and film production professor at Montemorelos University in Mexico.

Angelu Gonzalo from the South Bolivar Venezuela Mission is awarded for producing the best documentary entitled “Returning to God” from Pastor Luis Paredes, president of the East Venezuela Union. [Photo: East Venezuela Union]

Among film experts in Venezuela was Luis Carlos Hueck, who congratulated organizers and participants for the event. “I am so happy that you moved up to a higher level this year,” said Hueck during his second visit to the festival.

Edgar Rocca, a successful cinematographer in Venezuela, also thanked organizers for inviting him again and congratulated church leaders for supporting audiovisual arts.

Gabriel Moncada from the Northeastern Venezuela Mission receives an award for best editing for his short film titled “A Special Memory,” from Jorge Andre Diaz,  production assistant for Hope Channel Inter-America and screenwriting and film production professor at Montemorelos University in Mexico. [Photo: East Venezuela Union]

Cinematographer Ruben Serrano congratulated all participants for their creative short films. “This is one of the most blessed events of the year and I am always available to collaborate and support,” Serrano said.

As the event ended, Pastor Lenny Hernández, communication director of the East Venezuela Union, thanked all the participants who made the festival a better event than the previous one, and encouraged them to start coming up with ideas for next year’s festival.

Pastor Lenny Hernandez, communication director and main organizer of the film festival encouraged media producers to continue carrying a powerful message of Jesus’ love in their productions. [East Venezuela Union]

“Far more important than this event is that everything that you produce can have a message that God is personally talking to each viewer,” said Hernández. “If Jesus is not the engine of that film you are part of, it will not be worth it.”

Pastor Luis Paredes, president of the East Venezuela Union, congratulated each participant for their contribution in carrying a powerful message of Jesus’ love in their productions. “Little by little we are improving the level of films and I dream that soon many of those productions can be featured on Hope Channel Inter-America,” Paredes said.

Winners of the “Everything Belongs to Him,” video by the Redención musical group are awarded for the best video clip on  Christian stewardship. [Photo: East Venezuela Union]

The film festival stands out as a pioneer of its kind throughout Inter-America, said Márquez.

“This event has played a pivotal role in providing a platform for church members to brainstorm creative ideas and experiment with new means of sharing the message.” Márquez said. “We are working with the union so that some of the most outstanding productions can be produced in formats to be shown on Hope Channel Inter-America.”

To view the featured films during the UVO Film Festival, click HERE

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